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WD-40 Multi-Use Aerosol 100ml - W/D100

SKU: W/D100

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  • Versatile 100ml multi-use product
  • Trusted brand with WD-40 formulation
  • Compact and convenient size for on-the-go use
  • Effective lubricant and rust remover
  • Suitable for various applications around the house




Domestic, Commercial

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Product Information

WD-40 Multi-Use Aerosol 100ml - W/D100

Discover the powerful and versatile solution that has been trusted by millions worldwide for over six decades – WD-40. Born from innovation and precision, WD-40 has earned its rightful place as the go-to product for a wide range of challenges, making it a true household essential.

With a formula perfected over years of research and development, WD-40's effectiveness knows no bounds. It acts as a lubricant to silence squeaky hinges, doors, and locks, restoring smooth and seamless movement. Say goodbye to frustrating creaks and enjoy the tranquility of a well-maintained home.

But WD-40's capabilities extend far beyond lubrication. As a penetrating agent, it effortlessly loosens stuck parts and bolts, saving you time and energy on even the toughest tasks. From rusted machinery to stubborn nuts and bolts, WD-40 tackles them all, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and a smoothly running project.

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WD-40 Multi-Use Aerosol 100ml - W/D100 (W/D100)

£2.95 incl. VAT excl. VAT


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