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Vent Axia

Vent-Axia Revive 5 Boxed Assy - 473850

SKU: 473850

£258.95 incl. VAT excl. VAT


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Product Information

The Vent-Axia Revive 5 is a fan designed to meet the needs of Social Housing. Ideal for Landlords and can be installed in a kitchens or bathrooms. No filter required, so low maintenance, and comes with up to 7 years warranty.

Contractors will love this as it’s quick and easy to install with a simple LED display and 3 button menu for all commissioning and data gathering. Resident will find this powerful enough to remove moist air ensuring good indoor air quality, making it very energy efficient and healthy home and quiet enough not to disturb.

The Revive fan has Multi-Vortex TM - Innovative airflow technology making it the best in class. Design to perform, residents will have a quiet, unobtrusive fan without a spinning impellor visible. The discreet and aesthetically pleasing tile front Revive will stay cleaner than open grilled alternatives without slowing down airflow performance.

Drawing air into the fan, the clever bell mouth design feature allows air to enter the fan fluidly and silently. Improving efficiency and ensuring residents are not disturbed by air noise. An innovative fusion of axial and mixed flow technology means the high-pressure impellor is powerful and efficient, yet quiet.


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Vent-Axia Revive 5 Boxed Assy - 473850

Vent-Axia Revive 5 Boxed Assy - 473850 (473850)

£258.95 incl. VAT excl. VAT


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£258.95 incl. VAT excl. VAT

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