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Zibro LC-30 3kW Laser Paraffin Heater


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Product Information

This heater can heat up a volume up to 120m2, which makes it an ideal, highly efficient and economical space heater. It features a 24-hour programmable timer and integrated thermostat controller to maintain desired room temperature.

It offers 5 cycle burning mode (High <=> Med-High <=> Med <=> Med-Low <=> Low).  The display allows you to monitor and keep track of all important heater functions. This built in fan circulates a clean, cosy, even warmth throughout the room, through its silent fan (18-35 dB). The heater is provided with a removable fuel tank with a capacity of 5.4 litres, which will ensure a burning time of max. 65 hours.

The heater is equipped with a tip over switch, ignition safety device, burning control device, safety device for power outage, high limit switch / overheat protector, flame rod / burner thermistor for incomplete combustion. In addition to the existing 5-cycle burning mode, also a “burning –stop” operation is available, which allows you to maintain the set temperature in the room. This feature saves up to 8 % on the energy consumption.

The speed of the built in fan is self regulatory, depending on the burning mode of the heater. When the featured Parental Control button is pressed, the operation of buttons will be blocked, except the ON/OFF button. This heater is equipped with a self – regulating temperature control system.The heating mode can be set according to the requirements. Manufactured according to ISO 9000 :2000 standards in Japan.

Used Grades Explained

Grade A

Unit in excellent condition, possible light use, all extras included, packaging intact but may be marked. full warranty

Grade B

Unit used but fully functional, possible light cosmetic damage to unit, all accessories included, packaging may be damaged. 6 months warranty

Grade C

Unit used with cosmetic damage or dents, possible missing accessories, packaging damaged or unoriginal. 6 months warranty
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Zibro LC-30 3kW Laser Paraffin Heater

Zibro LC-30 3kW Laser Paraffin Heater (LC-30/RETC)

£183.15 incl. VAT excl. VAT


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